The Autumn In The Desert Series

Book 1: Renaissance

Renaissance-KindleWhat readers are saying:

“I didn’t want to put the book down!”… “Refreshing!”… “Looking forward to more from this author”

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

Tucked away in the desert is Palm Lakes Senior Community, a gated retirement village full of secrets and second chances. Every day the residents in Palm Lakes wake up with the opportunity to create a new ending to their life stories.

Follow Helen, Owen, Tanya, Jean, and a host of others as they navigate their extraordinarily everyday circumstances. From the loss of a domineering spouse to countless skeletons falling out of the closet, these neighbors face a daily choice: give up before they start or face their later-in-life challenges with unmatchable courage. Their tales will leave you feeling curious, comforted, and changed for good…

Renaissance is women’s fiction about contemporary lives lived well. If you like characters with gravitas, innovative points of view, and heartbreak mixed in with happiness, then you’ll love Maggie McPhee’s Autumn In the Desert series.

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Book 2: Second Chances

frontNo matter how old you are, life can always throw you for a loop.

There’s always a second chance at Palm Lakes Senior Community. The residents at the idyllic retirement community may be seniors, but they grapple with the same challenges in life and love as their younger counterparts.

Tanya is fresh out of rehab and ready to navigate her relationship with Owen. Helen and Alexander discover that a desire to be happy doesn’t always lead to wedded bliss. And a new resident tries her luck at love with the younger landscaper. Old friends return, new friends move in, and the past can’t help but catch up with everyone.

Some lives end, while others begin for the first time. And everyone learns–once again–that as long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late.

Second Chances is women’s fiction about thoughtful people in their autumn years. If you like enjoyable characters, refreshing new stories, and rich wisdom that comes from a life lived well, then you’ll love the standalone second book in Maggie McPhee’s Autumn in the Desert series.

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